This Blog will selfdestruct!

Since I always work with adblockers installed, I only very recently discovered the way in which WordPress has changed its advertising policies. The recent posts are now riddled with advertisements which are generated by WordPress’ interpretation of the “big data” of the blogs’ visitor.

I dó understand that for my account to be free of charge WordPress added some advertising sometimes.
But recently it appears to be 2 or 3 advertisements per post. Animated advertisements no less, in shocking pink and turquoise. Not an ideal combination with the sort of content I aim to make.

A lot of you will have installed adblockers and I understand that in Safare for example they are default nowadays. But because of the use of different browsers and different adblockers, anti-trackers and the like everyone is seeing something else and I don’t have any clue anymore as to how what I made will appear in front of you.

I have decided to end this blog, it will selfdestruct on 1 March 2018.

You will in future be able to find me elsewhere on the net.


words / woorden







I don’t know why these words keep spinning through my mind.

Ik weet niet waarom deze woorden in mijn hoofd blijven rondcirkelen.

I have become quite attached to their randomn poetry.

Ik ben nogal gehecht geraakt aan hun toevallige poëzie.

Means nothing of course.

Het gaat natuurlijk nergens over.


up next: spider and shadow

hierna: spin en schaduw